• Matt Gurtler

Why People Hate Politics, But There's Hope

Friends, supporters, and neighbors, Whether we like it or not politics affects our lives, our businesses, and our family greatly. That’s why good people need to pay attention to what’s really going on, but it can be frustrating, unnerving and downright infuriating. One of the things people tell me they hate the most is all the fake news.

Luckily, the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world have been exposed, and President Trump continues to consistently call them out. However the radical left and the establishment Republicans never seem to get tired of making things up, and in many cases repeating the same stupid story over and over, like the impeachment debacle.

You’ve heard me say that state politics mirrors federal politics, just on a smaller scale. While I learned that from my predecessor and former boss Rep. Stephen Allison, I'm reminded every day.

Why am I repeating this to you today with so much insistence? Because as campaign season is already upon us, the slanderous attacks, fake news and opportunistic cheap shots will ramp up, against me and other conservatives across Georgia.

The establishment, lead by Ralston himself, never give up, and unfortunately, because they’ve been in power for so long (back when many of them were Democrats) they have endless resources.

Despite those facts, we’ve won over and over and caused more turmoil for the establishment than ever. In 2016 as an underdog we got into a runoff where we were outspent 2 to 1, and in 2018, as our former governor (and former Democrat) tried to influence our beautiful mountains we won again.

At first, it was that I was too young and didn’t have a mortgage (I’m still confused by that one) then it was “he hate firefighters, the children, even puppies”. Unfortunately, my opponent has decided to carry on the establishment torch.

Now, it’s that I don’t support our President and our troops. How sad that some would think voters aren’t smart enough to dig deeper. It’s almost as ridiculous as the stupid idea that Trump is a Russian spy while he simultaneously puts America first at every opportunity.

I will, of course, continue to address those concerns when I see misinformation, especially since it’s often as simple as copy and pasting a vote explanation from my website. Actually, it's super simple, my goal is to uphold the Constitution and Republican values and principles. I won't vote for unfunded mandates, I won't vote for more debt, I won't for bills that undermine the rule of law or the power of juries...

Voting against HR 882 WAS defending our Constitution per Article 1 Section 8, and just as important in this case, it was to debunk the idea that the war in Iraq was ever a good idea. Trump himself would never have signed the resolution, as he attacked the Bush on that same point over and overdubbing his campaign. That’s how you support our military; by honoring their lives, their sacrifice and the Constitution we swore an oath to, not the politicians.

When I took my oath, I said I would “support and defend” the Constitution. I do not pick and choose which parts of the Constitution I want to follow. I follow it and uphold my oath, no matter what bill or resolution comes before me. Even if it has a nice-sounding name. Anyone remember the so-called "Affordable Care Act".

As I said when I first ran, If everybody wanted me to support something that violated the Constitution, I would not. I have not changed my beliefs or my passion to see this country restored as our founders intended.

We all deserve to be held accountable, especially those of us in the public light, who should be held to an even higher standard. So, if you believe we need more go along to get along politicians who “play the game” and cozy up to those in power, that's not me, and I think we have a long history to prove that doesn’t work.

I find it especially concerning when individuals like my opponent have a history of being in bed with the establishment, in bed with Ralston himself he allowed continuance after continuance in his courtroom for the Speaker, delaying justice for victims of horrific crimes and turning a blind eye to the abuse of power.

But if you believe as I do, and as President Trump does, that we need to call out corruption, incompetence, and lies when we see them, and that we need to fight for those who truly make America great, it’s People, not the elites, then I thank you for your commitment to freedom and prosperity.

Just as it took years of activism on the ground to pass the pro-life Heartbeat bill, and it may take many years to remove Ralston from power my hope is in those willing to stand up for what is right regardless of the uphill battle. Maybe it's because I'm a new dad, but I for one am ready and think it's worth the fight, especially for future generations. Thank you for everything you do, as always, it’s an honor to serve.

Matt Gurtler

(706) 490-2285