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Week Nine: Senate Bills, District 8 Day, & Town Halls

There are only eight more days of session on this year’s legislative calendar. The weeks have seemed to fly by down here in Atlanta, but let that not discredit all that has happened thus far and all that is to come.

As Representatives and as conservatives in particular, it is important that we continue to stay alert, making sure we are still voting based on limited government principles, with all of you in mind.

Since Crossover has come and gone, we are now starting to vote on Senate bills in the House.

One Senate Bill I voted for this past week was SB16, The Interstate Licensure Compact Act. Georgia is the 25th state to enter into the medical licensure compact.

This bill while not perfect allows the sharing of healthcare fingerprints, for security purposes, to be shared across state lines. This means that if you meet the requirements for obtaining a medical license in one of these 25 states, you meet it in another, allowing more access to healthcare professionals and services. This, in turn, increases competition and allows the free market to meet the needs of Georgians.

Anytime we can move in the direction of less regulation and more freedom, it's a no brainer.

Another vote from this past week was for SB 80. I voted NO on this bill because it removes language that prohibits certain subsidies for music and sports industries. I'm not often one to be on the side of preserving laws, but any laws that ban handouts are good. I do not believe this bill falls within the proper role of government.

We must continue to be careful with how and where we spend taxpayer dollars. I will continue to vote against any bill that is not in line with limited government principles.

So far, there has been very little voting on Senate bills, and many of them are somewhat innocuous, making little changes. As we near Sine Die (the last day of session), the pace of voting will once again accelerate and some of the most important votes this session are yet to come!

As you know, I pride myself on being one of the most accessible Representatives. In that vein, and as in years prior, I have begun scheduling town hall meetings in each county following the conclusion of session. I enjoy doing these town hall meetings because it gives me the chance to really keep you all up to date on what’s really happened down here at the Capitol over the past 3 months.

The town halls are a great opportunity for me to also connect with you in a more personal and direct way so that you know your voices are being heard. So far, I have scheduled a town hall meeting in Rabun County on Saturday, April 6 at 9:00 AM at the Mountain Lakes Medical Center.

I will be announcing the meetings for White, Union, and Towns counties as soon as possible, both in upcoming columns/newsletters and on my Facebook page. Be sure to stay on the lookout for those upcoming dates!Another great opportunity to meet and speak with me, and learn more about State politics, will be this Thursday, March 21, as we celebrate District 8 Day here at the Capitol in Atlanta. I will be speaking that morning during session, honoring our community and recognizing the beauty of our North Georgia mountains. If any of you are able to make it down to sit in the gallery and be recognized, that would be amazing!

This will be a great chance to come see the Capitol, listen in on session and see what life is really like under the Gold Dome. If you have time, please feel free to stop by my office across the street in the Coverdell Building, Office 504, to say hello.

If you have any questions about District 8 Day, or anything else, as always feel free to contact me at or call my office at 404.656.0188.

Thank you all again for your constant support. It’s been an interesting and as always exciting 3 months. Together we have accomplished a lot in the past few years, but we still have much more to do!

I will continue advocating for the route of less government and more freedom for our great State, and as always, it is an honor to serve you all.

In Liberty,

Matt Gurtler (706) 490-2285

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