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Week Four: Yes to Responsible Government, No to Debt

Last week really started to pick up down here in Atlanta.

We have begun voting on bills regularly, and we are inching closer to the budget coming to the House floor.

As you know, you can check how and why I vote on every bill on my website;

I spent time promoting HB 742 Ruby’s Law.

Wednesday I did an interview with WSB. In the interview, I explained that this was brought to me by a constituent in Blairsville to help cats and dogs that are too sick to take the rabies shot.

Right now, Ruby’s Law has bi-partisan support with ten co-sponsors on the bill.

There has been talk about adding language that animals who are temporarily exempted be kept indoors.

I expect a hearing soon and thank you for the support.

I’d also like to say thank you for those who responded to my request last week and sent emails about the dangerous intersection on Hwy 441 in front of Ingles in Clayton.

The DOT did in fact previously look into this issue but like so many of you, I think they need to look into it again and take into consideration what we see too often; a recipe for more accidents.

You can continue to send me emails with your name, address and why you think we need a red light to:

One of the big discussions last week was the adoption law reform.

HB 159 which modernizes how Georgia handles adoption law failed to pass last year and the House has been working to get it passed this year.

The bill is as neutral and non-divisive as you can get but we are still in a holdout with the Senate over some details between agency adoptions and private adoptions.

In my opinion, the rules should be the same on either side, and I’m hoping we find a policy compromise to move the bill forward next week.

Lastly, the budget discussions are stirring up around the Capitol. We were supposed to vote on the small budget on Thursday but it was postponed.

My view on the budget still stands; we have a bad habit of spending without regard for where that money comes from, you!

The small budget is very indicative of this problem as it “extra” revenue from last years budget. What do we do with the so-called “extra” money?

We rush to spend every penny before we pass a budget for the new year.

What could we do instead? We could use it for the new years budget, we could pay down our State debt of over $16 billion, or we could give it back in the form or tax cuts.

Right now, I’m a firm No on the small budget, which once again includes subsidies galore.

When the bill comes to the floor I will be fighting to reduce the subsidies and use that money to pay down our debt.

For example, we could cut $10 million they want to allocate to the OneGeorgia Authority, with absolutely no oversight and no planned projects.

Our Georgia economy is doing well right now. We should take advantage of that fact to pay down the debt instead of adding over $1 billion in new debt every year.

It’s pretty simple; we should be conservative. That’s what I’m fighting for here in Atlanta.

As always, it’s an honor to serve Union, Towns, Rabun & White counties.

Freedom & Prosperity,

Matt Gurtler (706) 490-2285

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