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Week 8: The Establishment Can't Beat Us In The End!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Mountain Friends and Neighbors,

It has been yet another week at the Capitol and the Establishment is working harder than ever to put their interests above the values and principles you and I share.

I have been working diligently on a few bills this session, only to be confronted by the Atlanta swamp and every turn, because I uphold my commitment to you, the constituents, to vote the way I said I would vote.

Last year, among other bills, I reintroduced Ruby’s Law (HB 713), and Constitutional Carry (HB 2).

Ruby’s law would provide for medical exemptions for sick animals who are not healthy enough to be revaccinated against rabies vaccines, and would allow a veterinarian to make the determination as to whether the pet is healthy enough for vaccination.

Such is the case for ourselves and our children, and such should be the case for our beloved pets. However, for pure political reasons, it is not being given a hearing in committee, and my hardworking constituents are being turned away by veterinarians for not subjecting their terminally ill pets to revaccination.

This could easily be rectified by the legislature to allow veterinarians to administer vaccines according to the manufacturer’s label, requiring administration only in healthy pets.

However, because we are standing for our values and principles, the establishment has decided to do what it does best, use its power to intimidate and suppress any of their opposition, you and me.

Just like in DC, they would rather burn the place down then acknowledge common sense ideas that help our community and our country.

For this reason, pets will continue to suffer unnecessarily unless individuals can find veterinarians willing to do what’s best for cats and dogs regardless of current policy.

What a tragedy. Not the only tragedy, however.

I’m proud of Governor Kemp for committing to support and sign Constitutional Carry, I have no doubt he would keep his word.

The blame rest on the establishment, specifically so-called Speaker David Ralston.

House leaders have consistently worked against our district. Let me be clear, they don’t want any good gun bills passed.

The only time good, conservative bills, like the Heartbeat bill or Church Carry pass is when true patriots like pro-life activsts and grassroots groups like Georgia Carry and GGO force the issue and make it politically impossible for them to openly stop.

That’s why we must never stop fighting, and that’s why I got involved in politics.

This same scenario applies across the board, just look at how much the establishment tried to take down Trump as soon as they saw he could win. Lucky for us, they realized that too late, and there were too many of us to stop.

This week, they threw me a bone, allowing me a mere 20 seconds to speak on the need to pass Constitutional Carry because that is what you - the people - have asked for.

It is your inherent right. You should not be asking permission from me, or any other legislator or governing body, to exercise your inherent right to self-defense.

What a shame that legislative leaders believe that your voice should not be heard because you wished to send someone who does not compromise our freedom and liberties for the sake of politics.

When they cut the time on my speech, they silenced you once again, making it clear that they will not have your voice heard until you play their game.

We will not play, but we will fight!

Not all hope is lost, however. There are still good things occurring in our Great State of Georgia.

This week, HB 1086 was introduced. This is a bill that restricts the ability of the State to impose civil asset forfeiture on our citizens. If you don’t know what civil asset forfeiture is, it is a process that the government uses to take your property for merely being suspected of a crime.

If the government “suspects” that you have committed a crime with your property, then that property would be subject to forfeiture, which the government would then take from you.

Yes, you are guilty until proven innocent, and if acquitted or the charges are dismissed, you still would likely have to sue in order to recover your own property, costing time and money both personally and to the taxpayer at large.

This bill at least restricts government power of civil forfeiture.

It changes the discretionary language in the statute to provide for a requirement that the court delay forfeiture proceedings against a person’s property until after the conclusion of a criminal proceeding.

However, this is not enough. The bill provides that even if you are acquitted or the case is dismissed, it does not preclude forfeiture from moving forward.

While I believe this is a step in the right direction, it is not enough, and this last part of the bill should be removed if it is to be effective.

In all, I continue to fight for you, and for our rights. It is a hard fight, and it is a long fight, but it is one we can not only win, but on that we must win.

Our advantage is the truth and the wisdom of our founding fathers. As I’ve said before, Jefferson is right “Eternal Vigilance is the Prce of Liberty.”

It’s an honor to serve,

Matt Gurtler

(706) 490-2285

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