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Week 5; There is Hope in Principled Conservatism

We are officially one month into the session, and things have really picked up down here in Atlanta.

Voting has become part of our daily schedule, and don’t forget you can keep track of how and why I’m voting by going to my website;

Tuesday was the big day! After being postponed several times, we finally voted on the “small" budget. My vote was a strong NO, the same as last year, for much of the same reasons; subsidies that interfere in the free market.

When the bill came to the House floor, I spoke at the well to reduce irresponsible spending that is outside the proper role of government.

I offered an amendment to reduce harmful subsidies and instead use those millions of dollars to pay off some of our debts.

The entire body knows that I’m committed to conservative principles, and while I was not able to pass my amendment, our message was heard.

Last year we stood alone. This year, seven other Representatives joined us in a vote of no confidence in the budget and the budget process. The final vote on HB 683 was 167 YES, to 8 NO. A 700% increase over last year!

Often what happens at the Capitol is theater; votes have already been whipped and those in power know the outcome. The budget usually passes with few changes and overwhelming support.

Those that love big government won this time, and “got things done”, right? While that is what we see at first glance, the political landscape isn’t as solid as the establishment would like you to believe.

It’s less like a house with a strong foundation, and more like a house of cards. Big government IS vulnerable to principled conservative leaders willing to fight and take a stand.

Especially those willing to fight even when they don’t get credit, and when they don’t “get things done”.

It doesn’t matter if you “get things doneif they are the wrong things! My goal is to get the right things done!

Consistently standing up for conservative values & principles and showing voters what’s really going on is the way to bring real conservative change to our State government.

That in combination with more individuals willing to vote NO gives me a lot of hope for the future! I’m thankful for your support that makes all this possible. You can check out my speech on the House floor on my Facebook page.

I’d also like to say thank you for those who responded to my request last week and sent emails about the dangerous intersection on Hwy 441 in front of Ingles in Clayton.

The DOT did in fact previously look into this issue but like so many of you, I think they need to look into it again and take into consideration what we see too often; a recipe for more accidents.

You can continue to send me emails with your name, address and why you think we need a red light to mail to

I have also been working on some local legislation.

I’ve been working with the City of Young Harris since last year to update their charter and introduced that bill this week.

The current charter of the City of Young Harris hasn’t been updated in quite some time and this request was voted out unanimously by the city council-members.

Also, The City of Dillard has requested local legislation; in this case to reduce the number of council-members from 6 to 5, because nobody has run for one of the seats in the past couple of elections.

This was also voted out unanimously.

I’m grateful to be able to update you every week. There is a lot that goes on every week, some things are small, and some are big, but I am working hard to do the best for our wonderful corner of Georgia.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you feel there is something that needs my attention, or you need an update of something that I haven’t had time to address in my column.

Finally, there are still opportunities for bright and motivated children ages 8 to 16 to serve as pages down at the Capitol.

It’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about how our government works.

It’s a day long, lunch and dinner are provided and they even get paid $10 for their work.

Simply send me an email if you’d like to sign up your child or grandchild.

As always, it’s an honor to serve.

Freedom & Prosperity, Matt Gurtler (706) 490-2285

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