• Matt Gurtler

Week 4: Freedom, Future, and Finances

First and foremost, what’s happening with your money this year?

In a relatively unprecedented turn of events there are talks of cutting the budget!

This is such a rare occurrence that the session has been postponed until February 18, so we can continue deliberations on appropriations.

Interestingly enough this is in response to calls from the Governor for common sense spending cuts. They don’t even touch what my colleagues like to call the “fourth branch of government”: the bloated Board of Regents. Not to mention there’s enough in corporate welfare and other subsidies to cover most, if not all of the approximately $200 million in “savings” Kemp has requested.

Regardless of what you believe it’s important to understand we’ll still be spending more than last year, and while some of that is because of population increase, it shouldn’t be hard for fiscal conservatives to trim a few percent.

Many departments across the state have already offered a flat 6% cut in their budget, it’s not that complicated.

I will be attending budget committee hearings, asking questions and sitting down with my staff to remain up-to-date, and ready to make the best argument for limited government principles when we get back in session. So many of you have contacted me about what’s happening in the political landscape, thank you. However this column, thanks to the generosity of our great local newspapers, has been, and will remain focused on what’s really going on at the Capitol in Atlanta, and that will remain my priority as well regardless. As a final note, this break has allowed me more time to talk with you, my friends, neighbors and constituents, then usual during a legislative session.

The politics of it all can make you hate it, but I’d like to offer some hope.

Whether we like it or not politics affects our lives, our businesses, and our family greatly.

That’s why good people need to pay attention to what’s really going on, but it can be frustrating, unnerving and downright infuriating. We all deserve to be held accountable, especially those of us in the public light, who should be held to an even higher standard.

So, if you believe we need more go along to get along politicians who “play the game” and cozy up to those in power, that's not me, and I think we have a long history to prove that doesn’t work. But if you believe as I do that we need to call out corruption, incompetence, and lies when we see them,

And that we need to fight for those who truly make America great, it’s People, then I think or history is replete with examples that that’s the best course of action. Just as it took years of hard work and effort on the ground to achieve the good America has brought; freedom from Kings, an abundance of wealth, concepts of free speech and guns rights...

My hope is in those willing to stand up for what is right regardless of the uphill battle.

Maybe it's because I'm a new dad, but I for one am ready and think it's worth the fight, especially for future generations. In Liberty,

Matt Gurtler

(706) 490-2285