• Matt Gurtler

Week 3: Kemp, Collins, & 2nd Amendment

Freedom is in the air, friends!

I am so proud of North Georgia as my home county of Rabun joins Habersham and Stephens counties to declare that they will stand resolute for the Second Amendment and the Constitution of the United States.

Your support and the support of local leaders will most assuredly help in preserving, and advancing our gun rights.

This past Monday, I had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss HB 2 with Governor Kemp.

He assured me that he would reach out to Chairman Hitchens, the new Chairman of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, and I look forward to following up with him on that.

With our Governor having endorsed Constitutional Carry in his campaign and talking about the importance of the Second Amendment, I hope that puts pressure on the establishment to back down and stop blocking our values and principles.

Pressure and a firm commitment by voters, activists and a few politicians is the only thing that got the pro-life Heartbeat bill passed last year.

The voters deserve elected officials who respect their oath.

I am also optimistic about HB 4, which provides for breaking up the budget into 49 different spending bills provided for each department that is funded by the State.

It’s definitely a new idea here in Georgia, and Governor Kemp is at least intrigued and interested in the idea, so we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish here.

Starting the conversation is important because the Omnibus style budget we currently have is what the Ralstons of the world use to control other Representatives.

Since I’ve gotten so many questions on the issue, as you may have already heard, there has been quite the chatter around the Capitol regarding HB 757 and the “Jungle Primary.”

Essentially this bill would change our current special election to provide for a special election primary this May as Congressman Doug Collins announces his bid against Governor Kemp-appointed Senator Kelly Loeffler.

While I do agree that Georgians should be able to choose who represents their party for the General Election I’m not sure it is the right move to push this bill through, and change the rules in the middle of an election.

This seems like a political move, and important changes in policy should be made based on principle, not dictated by convenience.

Think about how outraged you and I would be if House Democrats tried to change the rules of elections on President Trump in the middle of the 2020 election!

Finally, a big thanks to the Georgia Republican Assembly for inviting me to speak at their Presidents Dinner, it was wonderful to see so many conservatives under one roof, and the keynote speaker, Elizabeth Johnston had a great pro-life message!

As always, it’s an honor to serve.

Matt Gurtler

(706) 490-2285