• Matt Gurtler

Week 12: Happy Easter, Sine Die, Eternal Vigilance

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Happy Easter. He is risen!

I hope you had a blessed day with family & friends.

Well, this was the final week of the 2018 Legislative Session.

Thank you to all my supporters who kept me in their thoughts and prayers while I was down here in Atlanta.

Also, thank you to everyone who engaged and stayed in contact with me and my office, sent emails, visited, and helped fight for our shared values and principles.

A special thank you to my 3 great interns; Oshjiah, Daniel, and Brian. You guys are the best.

Fighting political apathy is one of the major steps it will take to bring honor, integrity & accountability to politics and our community is one of the most politically active in Georgia.

Last weekend I had the honor of speaking at a Young Americans for Liberty Legislative Panel.

Being a part of helping grow a generation of leaders that understand limited government and personal responsibility is an honor.

Sine Die, the 40th and last day of the session, was beyond crazy but I can say that the 2018 legislative session was a net positive, and with new leadership incoming with the upcoming elections we have a lot to gain is we keep up the momentum and continue to fight for what is right.

Now that the session has ended, I am back in the district gearing up for the primary.

I can now accept donations for our campaign, so please consider contributing so we can continue to fight the establishment.

Click here to donate $10, $35, $90 or more now.

I am also looking for volunteers.

Election day is May 22nd and early voting starts April 30th.

If you’re interested, please meet me Saturday, April 7th at Cabin Coffee in Blairsville at 10 am.

The election is in about 7 weeks and soon after we will be setting up town halls across the district to update you on the details of what occurred this year and hear from you so we can prepare for 2019.

I would love to see friendly faces and catch up as I've been spending most of my time in Atlanta for the past 3 months.

I will be discussing things from the session and some exciting future projects and ideas.

It's always an honor to serve, Matt.

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