• Matt Gurtler

Week 10: Extra Vigilance

Time is winding down, and with only two weeks left the pressure is on for limited government conservatives to leave their impression on the session. We've already been quite successful at pushing back against big government, but during these last days of session we must be extra vigilant towards what the establishment is doing, and outspoken about our values and principles. As they say, it’s the calm before a storm. Not knowing if it's going to be heavy rain, a thunderstorm or a hurricane. Whatever the storm, you must weather it, and you must prepare, especially if the cause is as important as our freedom and liberty. For example at some point HB 820 was modified to add this paragraph: (h) Any municipal corporation described in subsection (b) of this Code section shall be exempt from the provisions of subsections (c) and (e) of Code Section 48-5-32.1. 48-5-32.1(c) requires a "NOTICE OF PROPERTY TAX INCREASE". In other words, HB 820 now lets cities raise property taxes without notifying the public.

Your support and the help of my interns is essential to halting attempts to grow government. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. On that note, I am getting ready for our re-election campaign. The primary will be May 22 and you can start early voting April 30. I’m looking forward to an honest race based on ideas. If like me, you believe in the idea of small government that stays out of our lives and protects our God-given inalienable rights I'd be honored to have your support. Email me if you'd like to volunteer, would like a yard sign or have any questions. My email is and of course, you can always call me at (706) 490-2285. I love representing this beautiful area, made even better by the exceptional people who live here. Together we have been able to accomplish a lot, and I look forward to accomplishing more.

Thank you.

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