• Matt Gurtler


Updated: Jan 14, 2018

learning curve |ˈlərniNG ˌkərv|


the rate of a person's progress in gaining experience or new skills

Today I officially qualified for State Representative House District 8.

Ask any politician under the gold dome, what the biggest challenge they faced as freshman representatives was, and they’ll tell you; the learning curve.

Having worked as a legislative aide and policy analyst for State Representative Stephen Allison over the past four years, I can say without a doubt; I do not have that learning curve and will be able to effectively and efficiently represent the 8th District.

I’ll be READY from DAY ONE!

Whether it be introducing legislation or navigating the committee process I understand the ins and outs of how things work at the Capitol in Atlanta. That in conjunction with my principles is what sets my campaign apart.

Our principles of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility will be protected and defended.

My name is Matt Gurtler, I’m 27 years old and I look forward to earning your trust and support in this election for Georgia State House.

I want to hear from everyone, from Union, Towns, Rabun and Whites counties. Please call or email me anytime on my personal cell phone number (706) 490-2285 or my personal email

Being a true Statesman means standing up for what you believe in and being part of the community you represent. 

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