• Matt Gurtler

“It’s all about the money.”

“It’s all about the money.”

The talk around the capitol this week was geared toward the budget.

What’s my view on the budget?

The problem with the budget is that we have a bad habit of spending without regard for where those dollars come from, you!

Not only is it wrong to spend more than absolutely necessary, it harms the economy and jobs when you take money out of the private sector.

And when we have so-called “extra” money at the end of the year, we should be finding ways to return it to taxpayers instead of growing government.

If we’re going to have a budget, let’s at least stick to it.

With the continuous growth of our state, it’s important that we always be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Right now Georgia is doing well. We should take advantage of that fact to pay down the debt instead of adding over $1 billion in new debt every year.

It’s pretty simple; we should be conservative.

We also need to stop interfering in the free market and picking winners and losers. Again, not only is it wrong, it will have devastating consequences.

When things go wrong you know what politicians do? They raise taxes, furlough teachers & forget about road maintenance.

Last year alone, there was about half a billion in subsidies that I could not approve of and I believe someone had to take a stand.

If we don’t push back there will be consequences, and that will be less liberty and less prosperity for all Georgians.

I also had the honor of speaking at the annual GRA dinner on Tuesday.

I spoke about the principles of the free market, local control, lower taxes and more individual freedom.

I explained what I look for in legislation; a bill’s constitutionality, and if it increases the size, scope & intrusiveness of government.

I also spoke about my bills, Constitutional Carry, Repeal of the $5 Hotel/Motel tax, and others.

I wrapped up my speech by talking about the budget and how nine out of ten times, on any page of the budget, there is something in it that is not the proper role of government.

“It’s a constant battle; we must fight to restore the free market that rewards people on merit, not connections; where success is built from the ground up, not handed down like a family heirloom; where people can get ahead by having the best product not by having the best lobbyist. The free market - based on voluntary exchange, rather than just mandatory taxation - is the only system where people must offer something valuable to others in order to do better themselves. Those are the principles I fight for and will continue to fight for at the Capitol.”

Also, I’m happy to report that Rabun County Tourism Development Authority fully supports my Repeal $5 Hotel/Motel Tax, HB 364.

TDA Director Teka Earnhardt said:

“The $5 per night fee on each calendar day rented is unfair due to its fixed rate, saying it hurts lower income families.“

I couldn't agree more!

Lastly, we started voting on legislation this week.

Each week will be busier than the next from this point on. This week we should start regularly voting on bills each day so please stay on the lookout for my voting record on my website;

As always, it’s an honor to serve you, please contact my office or me if you need anything!

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