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Updated: Jan 23, 2018

As with every new year comes a new legislative session here in Georgia!

Over the next 3 months I will be in Atlanta to represent you, and the values & principles that are important to Rabun, Towns, Union, and White counties.

Like most sessions, the first couple weeks seem very slow but a lot is happening behind closed doors.

Things will pick up speed considerably once we start voting.

We kicked the week off with the opening session of the General Assembly; where it was evident that GA Bulldogs had the full support of the House save one Alabama supporter.

It was a great game and I can’t wait to see what Georgia does next year.

I then spent time getting my new interns familiar with basics around the Capitol.

I have three bright, young and motivated interns as pictured from left to right Brian Roberts, Jeffery Roper, and Oshjiah Cancer.

Our intern program has been a great opportunity to get students involved in politics and I truly couldn’t do it without them.

I know this will be a very exciting session, and with their help limited government will have a stronger voice.

As the week progressed, I did a radio interview with Pat Malone on Mountain Mornings WJRB 95.1 FM, as well as an exclusive interview with Georgia Gun Owners, Executive Director Patrick Parsons.

My interview with Patrick was to push for Constitutional Carry, which as you know is House Bill 156.

I will most assuredly continue to fight for our Second Amendment this session.

Also, I now have bipartisan support for House Bill 364!

This is my bill to repeal the onerous $5 Hotel/Motel tax. The establishment had put pressure on Representatives from both parties not to support the bill, but principle is winning them over.

This goes to show that doing the right thing is never a waste of time.

For more information on both bills visit my website

A summary of their content can be found there for you to read.“Georgia’s star shines so bright and should continue to shine!”   - Governor Nathan Deal

To wrap up the week, we had the opportunity to hear Governor Nathan Deal deliver his final State of State Address in a Joint Session of the House and Senate. 

He highlighted the success that Georgia has recently enjoyed.

A success politicians love to take credit for, but in reality, it’s because of you.

The economy is doing well and Georgia is still pretty conservative overall, but we must remain vigilant because if we don’t fight against the Atlanta agenda we could see a rocky road ahead.

We need to curb spending, and we need to stop the horrible practice of subsidies.

Not only do they cost hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, they are not a fair or good investment, especially long term.

And simply not the proper role of government in the first place!

Lastly, a lot of the talk around the Capitol is about the budgets right now, both the small budget, which is where we decide what to do with the “extra” money Georgia brought in for 2018, and the big budget, which is for 2019.

I will be attending joint budget hearings this week to hear all the details.

I am working very hard to ensure that we remain conservative, stop spending on things that aren’t the proper role of government, and do what is right.

I have hit the ground running and I’m doing my best to represent our values and our principles here at the Capitol in 2018.

Whether it be reading a bill, researching policy, talking to my colleagues or attending committee meetings;

I’m always thinking of what’s best for our beautiful mountain District and Georgia.

Thank you for putting your trust in me, it’s an honor to serve.

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