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“Thank you for your very informative response educating me about the workings of our state government.”


- Michael Boulard





Matt Gurtler was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2016 and represents House District 8, located in the Beautiful North Georgia Mountains, and  which includes Union, Towns, Rabun & White counties. 


He and his wife Marissa live in Tiger, Georgia and are excepting their first child in July.


Outside of his role as a State Official Matt is also a homebuilder, specializing in house moving, foundation repair, and custom homes with his families business.


Matt is also a National Rifle Association certified firearms instructor, and an avid outdoorsman, who enjoys target shooting, hiking, traveling, and building those scary black AR15 rifles...


Matt was raised in Rabun County, Georgia and loves calling the Northeast Georgia Mountains his home.


He is a Christian, 1 of 5 children and was homeschooled, graduating 1 year early at 17, and has been a member of Republican Party since 2007.


Matt attended the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, Georgia where he participated in R.O.T.C. and received his B.A. in History with a minor in Sociology. 


Graduating from UNG in 2012, Matt began working as a Legislative Aide for his predecessor, State Representative Stephen Allison, during the 40 day Georgia General Assembly sessions.


After being elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2016 at just the age 27, and has earned a reputation for being consistent, principled, and the “litmus test” in the House by his peers.


This has earned him the title as the “Most Conservative State Representative” by the Georgia Republican Assembly and is referred to as “Dr. NO” by the news media. 


In 2018 he founded the Georgia House Freedom Caucus after winning his re-election campaign with 60% of the vote after the establishment, including the current Speaker of the House and the Former Governor actively campaigned against him in his own district. This was the first time in Georgia History a sitting Republican incumbent Speaker and Governor opposed an incumbent member of their own party. 


Matt is a strict Constitutionalist and believes government is a necessary evil and should most assuredly be limited and small in nature to ensure prosperity for all citizens by protecting life, liberty, and property, and that’s it. 


Bringing true values and principles back into politics is one for the main goals he ran his campaign on and regularly travels across the State and nation speaking to young students at colleges and universities encouraging them to run for public office.



"Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty." - Thomas Jefferson




Matt Gurtler for State Representative

115 Sawmill Ln

Tiger, GA 30156

Call  (706) 490-2285

Email  matt@mattgurtler.com